About Me


Hey! I am Lynsey and this is my very exciting blog! Or at least to me it is exciting! I am a mother to the most adorable child in the world Levi, and my strong bringing home the bacon sailor manly man Jordan. I started the KOTG when I wanted to do something for myself, yes I said MYSELF. As a mom I never really have time to myself to sit, think, or even do for me. This is for ME. I know weird a mom who wants something for herself.

As  I blog I hope to find more happiness in my life and look on the brighter side of things or at least find humor. I am to stressed and when I get stressed I tend to become SHE HULK. Which would only work if I actually had her physical features and not just the attitude. We can only hope this would calm me down and keep me on some sane brain level.


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